The Wise Up

Our interventions are evidence-based from surveys, community and expert consultations. We incorporate results from this research into our program to meet the specific need of our beneficiaries.

We work with organisations, community groups and coalitions incorporating best practices to design and implement evidence-based policy advocacy.

We design innovative, community-specific and educative programs geared towards improving the health and productivity of our beneficiaries.

At the core of everything we do is reaching out to beneficiaries to solve problems and challenges affecting their health and productivity. We believe that half of the challenges faced in this sector are linked to a  lack of knowledge. We are working to solve this by organizing regular training to educate major stakeholders.

We believe in entrepreneurship and capacity-building to improve the health and productivity of our beneficiaries. We strongly believe that our beneficiaries will make healthy and informed choices when they are economically empowered.

RAISE Approach

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